Long Weekend Ahead!

Happy Friday too all my friends out in the blogosphere!

Hopefully for most of you, there is a long weekend in store that includes Monday off for Martin Luther King!

Coming into this Friday, I thought I would go back to my “Friday Free For All” posts that I had done last month. So here goes!

NYRR Virtual 5K

They gave me a bib for the virtual 5k but I think I will pass on wearing it!


Earlier this week, I decided to sign up for the NYRR Virtual 5k. I did it pretty much because it was free. There was an option to pay $20 if you wanted this particular virtual 5k rece to count towards qualification for next year’s Brooklyn Half Marathon. I believe you needed to run 6 virtual races with NYRR in order to automatically qualify. However, I started to think about this – six virtual races at $20. That’s $120 in virtual races just to qualify for the Brooklyn Half and it would be for the 2019 Brookyln Half and knowing NYRR, I would likely still have to pay the race fees for that race which is listed as $90 for NYRR members. So over $200 just to run a half marathon? Ummm no thank you. I will just run this virtual 5k for free! Most likely I will get out and run my 5k on Sunday. It’s supposed to be cold again on Sunday so I’m not looking forward to a fast time. Let’s see how I rank on the virtual race leaderboards!

Stanner Games At The Armory NYC

I cannot tell you how nice the armory is!

Its no mystery but I love running. My love for running doesn’t stop only at road races, I actually love Track & Field as well! Next month, I am hoping to get to the Millrose Games on February 3rd, which will be held in Manhattan at the Armory Track & Field Center. But before we get to the Millrose Games, this Saturday I will be assisting with a very well attended high school meet which will also be held at the Armory. For folks outside of New York City, the Armory is a state of the art indoor track and field arena in Washington Heights New York City. It’s a great facility and it produces some great track meets and some even greater results. On Saturday the high school that I graduated from Archbishop Molloy high school, will be hosting its annual track and field meet, The Stanner Games. They lean on former track and field athletes from the school to work the meet and each year more and more track alumni come out to assist. The meet has become one of the biggest high school track meets in the North East. Last year Olympian Sydney Mcloughlin ran at the meet as a senior in high school and I had a chance to meet her and chat with her a bit. I don’t think any Olympians will be there this year but for me, the vibe of the meet and seeing these younger kids compete at a high level is inspiring for me! I remember as high school kid being nervous at these meets but then using that nervous energy to surprise myself and run strong. It will be a long day 8am to 6pm, but I enjoy it so much each year! So if anyone is at the Armory on Saturday, come down to where the relays are being checked in- I will be there all day!! 🙂

Celebrating Martin Luther King

If you have a chance – read Bryan Stevenson’s book!


As I mentioned above, hopefully many of you will have off from work or school for Martin Luther King day! Earlier this week we had a speaker, Bryan Stevenson, come to my job to give a talk on social injustice and criminal justice. His 70 minute speech was very profound and resonated with me a lot. Mr. Stevenson is a lawyer whose work is centered around prisoners on death row. He’s worked with so many inmates over the years, including children. When he came to our job he didn’t come to talk about the issues with social injustice but rather how we can all help to fix them. He outlined 4 points. The first was we have to be proximate to where there is poverty and injustice. If we aren’t exposed to it then we can’t see the issues. Second, we have to learn to change the narratives that we are always given. Third we have to create hope for those that don’t have it. Lastly, we have to be willing to do uncomfortable things, like visit inmates or impoverished in struggling neighborhoods. I won’t go into too much detail here but I thought it was very fitting that a few days before MLK day, I was hearing Mr Stevenson kind of carry on the work of MLK right in front of me. Mr. Stevenson is the author of a New York Times bestseller, Just Mercy, a Story of Justice & Redemption. If you have some down time this weekend and want a good read, pick this book up! And if you don’t, take some time on Monday to reflect on Martin Luther King!

Have a great weekend my friends!!

Friday Free For All!

I was looking over my blog and I pretty much have stuck to the point. Running, motivation and inspiration. That is what my blog is about after all right? I figure, one day a week I just kind of say what is on my mind or at least talk about the other aspects of what is going on in my life. God knows this particular life is not just about running! Enjoy this piece every now and then or ignore it lol

*Weekend Vibes*

A summertime view of Old Westbury Gardens


I am looking forward to this weekend! It is not a jam packed weekend but in my opinion, it is filled at just the right amount. Of course, I am hoping to get a couple of nice easy runs under my belt, but that’s not all. I’ll be attending the annual Christmas Tree Lighting where I live in Long Island at the Old Westbury Gardens.  How do I describe this place other than an enormous estate where someone used to live many years ago that has been preserved as a beautiful garden. Onthe grounds is an equally beautiful mansion and they dress this place up for the holidays with a touch of old school Christmas décor. It is one of may favorite holiday events to attend with my family, so we will be doing this again Saturday night! Sunday has me tackling the remainder of my own Christmas decorations on the outside of my house. I thought I was done last week, but we had some “technical difficulties” during the week!

*Christmas Has Arrived At 30 Rock*

Snapped A Pick Of The Rock Center Xmas Tree Thursday Morning After Its Lighting!


Not that I would have ever mentioned it in any of my posts, but I work at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, aka the NBC Building, aka the Christmas Tree Building but officially known as Comcast Building. Many of you may have watched on TV as the tree was lit on Wednesday evening. This officially kicks off the holiday season in this part of NYC. The amount of tourists that will ascend on this part of NYC is unreal. As a tenant of the building I cannot tell you how crowded it gets. A 5 minute walk to get lunch turns into a 15-20 minute ordeal. Lets just say that in December, I start to order in lunch a lot or just bring from home! Enjoy the sights and sounds of 30 Rock if you are in the area and if you are, hit me up!

*New Addition To The Family*

Our New Dog Ernie!


No we didn’t have another child, but we did add a pet to the family earlier this week. My oldest daughter fell in love with a dog at her job and took the dog in. Say hello to Ernie a cute 3 month old Shih Tzu. Ernie joins our other Shih Tzu/Maltese Valentina, as spoiled pets that will sit around and sleep most of the day while the remainder of their days, they just act cute. This dog has a lot of energy, I’ll be shocked if my older dog can keep up with him!

*New York Knicks*

How About My NY Knicks So Far?


Aside from running, I am a big sports buff (except for the NFL). I didn’t expect much from my New York Knicks but don’t look now, they are 9th in the conference. I know its early, but that’s only one spot away from a post season spot (lol)! I laugh because I didn’t think these guys would win more than 11 games all year. 21 games into the season they have already won 11 games and have surprised the hell out of me. Can they keep this up or are they just setting my up for a let down? I like the team. Its a young team that has nothing to lose!

*Ugly Sweaters*

Nothing Like A Good Ugly Sweater Party!


I’ve been invited to two “Ugly Sweater” parties now in December and neither one of the crowds know each other. Is it wrong that I plan on wearing the same ugly sweater to both parties? I mean no one is going to know…until of course the pics go up on social media (lol)? Any “ugly sweater” parties in your future?

Hope you all have a great Friday and an even greater weekend!