Monday Member Spotlight Time!


Our Member Spotlights Bassem Reaches “50” Days On His Run Streak

In continuing with our We Are NYC Running Club member spotlight, our next awesome member is one of our more vocal, motivated, and loveable members. Bassem has been a long time runner and has logged well over 60 races just with New York Road Runners alone. Three of those races have been the New York City Marathon. In 2018 he opted not to run the NYC Marathon and focused on the Philadelphia Marathon instead. It resulted in him running a personal record of 3:49:22 after having a previous record of 4:52 in NYC! An outstanding PR of over an hour, but what makes this even more fantastic, is that Bassem just turned a young 50 years old!


Bassem Last Month At The Joe K. 10k

Realizing his accomplishment this year, Bassem now has his eyes set on qualifying for the Boston Marathon. He would have to knock off another 25 minutes on his marathon time but he says there is something different now about his training. As noted earlier, Bassem is a long time runner, but this year he has seen improvement thanks to the support that he has received from his “We Are NYC Running Club” members. He points at the motivation factor as well as accountability being a huge boost to his training. While his pursuit of the Boston Marathon is currently a long term goal, his short term goal is to keep his current run streak alive. A couple of months ago when he turned 50 years old, Bassem decided to start a “run streak” where he runs at least one mile each day. Last week during one of our weekly group runs, Bassem reached 50 days on that streak and doesn’t plan to stop any time soon! How long can Bassem go? We shall see!

Seeing how much the club has given him this past year, Bassem is always willing to give back. At group runs and on race days, Bassem is always willing to give runners advice based on his past experiences. Whether it may be about running apparel, nutrition or race logistics, you can count on Bassem to give you his words of wisdom.


Bassem (on the right) With His Vuvuzuela @ The Fred Lebow Half Marathon!

Bassem doesn’t stop there either in supporting his running club teammates. Coming out and cheering with the club as part of our infamous cheer squads is something Bassem enjoys doing. If you have run any races in Central Park recently, you may be familiar with the loud echoing sound of a “vuvuzuela”! Yup – one of those vuvuzuelas is likely Basem!

His energy and dedication to the club make him a clear candidate for today’s spotlight and he is just another reason that We Are NYC Running Club continues to thrive today!

We will leave you with some words from Mr. Vuvuzuela aka Run Streak Man, aka Ragnar Guy aka Boston Marathon hopefully, aka BASSEM!


I’ve Been Boxed In

For long time runners, one may look at the title and say “Oh no – how does this end?” Being boxed in during a race sucks. You have 4 or 5 people surrounding you on all sides and you just want to break free and run ahead but you can’t. Patience is key when you are boxed in but eventually you will break free!

So this isn’t a post about being boxed in during a race but rather a post about being “Boxed” by the good people at The Runner! Its’s also a post about being patient, similar to being boxed in during a race.

Nice Quote Greets You When You Open The Box!


The Runner Box is similar to let’s say, Birch Box, the cosmetic service that sends women sample of cosmetics each month. Runners Box is not sending you make up but rather items that runners could use. I have been staring at this site from a distance for some time now. Sort of like when you see someone from across the room at a bar or a party but you are too afraid to go up to them and talk to them. In my case, I was reluctant to drop the $20 per box that they charge per box in fear I was going to get mostly stuff that I did not use. Then came “Cyber Monday” sort of like the “wing man/woman” at the bar or party who breaks the ice on your behalf so you can talk to that person you were too afraid to talk to! Cyber Monday gave me the shot to pick up my first box at a 75% discount. At a $5 price point , I figured there has to be at least one thing I like from this box for the $5 I spent right?

The Standard Runners Box Look


On Saturday I received my box and I have to admit, I was pretty excited about it! It came in very small well packed box. Once I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was an inspirational quote on the inside of the box.

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t” – Rikki Rogers

I saw that quote and I said to myself, I like how these guys think – they think just like me! As I started to go thru the box I was in shock at how many items they fit into the box given its small size. There were 10 items in the box all together along with an index card that gave you some details on the contents of the box.

Items Within The Box As They Are Packaged


The card gave you a brief description of the item, the retail price of each item and the website addresses were you can obtain them should you want to buy more of the individual item. The box I received was considered the “Runnerbox Fall Edition”. Some of the items in the box had seasonal flavors to them such as Pumpkin and Maple Sunflower. Here is a complete listing of what came in the box.

  • A one month trial to “Wearsafe“, which is a small device that can track you an send audio signals should something happen to you. The device is not in the box, but details on how to obtain it and a one month trial are included
  • A resealable packet of Skout Roasted Oregon Pumpkin Seeds
  • A pair of Klitch Deodorizers for sneaker, gym bags, etc.
  • A 30 day trial jar of Multiforce Alkalizing Multi-Mineral Powder, which is a daily supplement meant to promote better health by reducing acids in the body.
  • A small trial packet of Maple Sunflower Butter from
  • An original “Sweet Potato” snack bar from Ally’s Bar
  • Two sachets of Nuun Performance drinks
  • A “Sustainable Supergrain Bar” from Regrained Eat Beer – supposedly these are made out of grain from beer breweries. I am intrigued!
  • A protein cookie from Supposedly this cookie is made with premium grass fed whey and 250mgs of omega-3s! Once again I am intrigued.
  •  A sample pack of SBT Sports Skin Slick lotion to prevent chafing.

These Were All The Item In The “Fall Runners Box”


Ok, I’m not going to lie. I robbed them by only paying $5! This box was definitely chock full of stuff that easily made the $5 worth it. Was it worth $20 which is the original price of the box and what they will charge me for each box going forward since I committed to a year? I think it is. Already I have eaten the pack of the pumkin seeds and I thought they were delicious! So much so that I will be looking for these seeds on Amazon. Also since they gave me a 30 day trial of the Multiforce Multi Mineral mix, my wife and I are going to split it and try it for 15 days each to see how we feel. Those sneaker deodorizers are in my “race day” sneakers with the hope that they bring them back to life, scent wise (lol)! The “Regrained Eat Beer” bar will definitely be consumed. I am so intrigued by that concept! The only items I don’t see myself using are the 30 day trial to the “Wearsafe” service and the chafing cream. But I will give it to someone I know has issues with chafing and who knows, maybe he likes it!


These Pumpkin Seeds Were Delicious & A Nice Light Prerun Snack!


All in all, I was very satisfied with my box from “The Runner Box”. My only complaint is that they only ship out every other month. Which means I will have to wait a couple of months for another! Oh well, can’t win them all! There is a holiday one that I might jump at. It is a limited edition one so I may have to jump at it soon but one thing is holding me back. This limited edition one is $30! Any other Cyber Monday deals?

Hope you enjoyed the review and if “The Runner Box” people are reading, you are welcome for the free advertising. What is that I hear? I can use the Cyber Monday code for the holiday box also?