We Are NYC Virtual Queens 5k!

Hi everyone, hope everyone is staying safe during these unique times!

Our club has been staying active while practicing social distancing of course. We recently concluded our first virtual race, the Brooklyn Virtual Mile. Most of the proceeds for that race went to those impacted by Covid-19. One of our contributions was a $1,000 donation to City Harvest who is in dire need of donations to their food banks here in NYC. Our donation is estimates to feed approximately 1,400 hungry New Yorkers!

With that said, since our first virtual race was a success, we are now ready to open up our next race to EVERYONE!

Eva & Kayla

Some of members enjoying their medal from our previous virtual race! (Photo Credit: Eva F)



You can run the “WERNYC Queens 5k” any time on Saturday 6/6 or Sunday 6/7. Once completed, please upload a screen shot of your Strava, Garmin or any running app result to the following page:

We Are NYC RC Public FB Page

Alternatively, you can email your result to wearenycrc@gmail.com!

Please note that the result must be a 5k. We will not take spilts from a longer run. This race is open to the public and not limited to members! Anyone can run! Tell your family and friends as well! Screen shot must show the date and time that the run was completed.


CLICK Here for the We Are NYC RC 5k Essentials Package $25

-More than half of your race fee will go towards helping those impacted by Covid 19!

-You will also receive a medal commemorating your achievement (pictured in post).

Click Here for the We Are NYC RC 5k – Summer Essentials Package – $35

-More than half of your race fee will go towards helping those impacted by Covid 19!

-You will also receive a medal commemorating your achievement (pictured in post)

-You will also receive a red or black club (dependent on which one you chose) beverage koozie to keep your favorite beverage cool this summer!

-You will also receive a bottle opener to keep in your koozie or to detach it!


Score either a red or a black koozie and a bottle opener w/ the summer essentials package!

Upon check out of either option, please make sure to indicate your mailing address so that we can mail your items out to you! To avoid confusion with the club merchandise on this site, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER anything else from this website while purchasing the virtual race so as to not confuse our printers with our virtual race!

We Are NYC Virtual 5k Registration

Jeff W


The “We Are NYC Running Club – Queens 5k” will be run for multiple reasons! The first is for us to stay active and to continue practice social distancing during these difficult times. As an alternative to another virtual group run, this is designed to do something different and to reward everyone the runs it with a sharp looking medal honoring Queens NYC!

Further and most importantly, as mentioned above more than half of race fees collected will go towards helping those impacted financially by the Covid-19 crisis. The remainder of the fees will go to cover costs associated with medals and shipping of the medals.

Good luck at the “We Are NYC Virtual Queens 5k”!






Trying Out Virtual Racing

There isn’t a weekend that goes by where I don’t run. Of course some weekends, I even race. However with winter having NYC in its grip, I haven’t run a race since Thanksgiving and that is a long time for me! Last week, I once again looked at the New York Road Runners website hoping there was something sooner than February 4th that filled my needs. They have a half marathon coming up this weekend, The Fred Lebow Half Marathon however I don’t think I am half marathon ready yet.

The lack of races made me look at something that I had overlooked and flat out ignored on their website, their virtual racing series. Virtual racing is basically a fancy name for “do it at home” racing. This particular race was a 5K distance. The way it works is they give you a length of time to complete the distance. In this case, it was two whole weeks and at any time during those two weeks, you can run the 5k and track your run using the Strava Application, which is a free download. Once you have run your race, your time gets uploaded to the Strava site and NYRR then throws your time into a pool of all of the other runners running the virtual race and they rank you by time. No traveling on your part. You can do this in your neighborhood!

I took part in the virtual 5k and allow me to break down the pros and cons of this type of race and maybe it will help you decide whether this is something you want to part take in.


  • There is no traveling involved and no schedule to adhere to. You don’t have to worry about commuting to the race or driving to it, or being stuck in traffic or even parking! Just strap on your shoes and go.
  • This particular race was free. Free is always good!
  • You can run this race wherever you want. No need to deal with a hilly course if you don’t want to. Just pick out a flat course and fire away!
  • No dealing with crowds


  • For me, there is no adrenalin rush of the crowds, the spectators or even the starters gun. It was me hitting my watch and just saying “go!” lol
  • I don’t know that the timing on a Strava app can be that accurate. I enjoy the fully automatic time of most races.
  • It was a pro above, but for me its also a con – you can run this race wherever you want and get away with a much faster course for the distance than what you may usually run. I chose to run the 5k on a track for example. No hills at all. Is that cheating? There were no rules against that! I think by being allowed to do this, it discredits time, placing etc.


Look, I ran the race because I was desperate to run a race. I ran it on a 400 meter track. I don’t think I have ever run a 5k on a track (lol). This presented a flat course with no hills. Guess how I ran? Personal record for 5k by 8 seconds (22:31 to be exact). Strava app says I PR’d but do I count it? If you are looking for a good workout and looking to see how that workout compares to others, then this might be a good “race” to run. Another thing I wasn’t a fan of and this may be isolated to New York Road Runners, they actually tried to charge for a variation of this race. As this was their first virtual race of the year, they have an incentive, that if you ran 6 of these virtual races, then you automatically qualify for next year’s Brooklyn Half Marathon. The catch however is that if you want these races to qualify for the half marathon, then each virtual race costs you $20. That’s 6 races at $20 each and ending up costing you $120 to qualify for a race that you will pay another $100 for. I’m sorry but that is just not for me. I have no problem paying a race fee when I get the full experience, the adrenalin, maybe a medal and a fully automatic timed race. But $20 for me to run in my neighborhood to be timed by a free app – I just can’t justify a fee for these.

Will I run these virtual races again? I don’t know. I guess it depends on how my race schedule looks at the time. I enjoy racing for the full experience. The commuting. The buildup before a race. Having to use the bathroom countless times before entering a crowded corral with thousands of other runners. Hearing the national anthem before the race, hearing the starting gun, then having all of these other runners push me along the course. Finally, nothing like coming down the home stretch of a race with spectators cheering you on. Thats the race day experience for me!

Anyways, I thought I would share my “virtual” experience with you. Have you run a virtual race? What was your take on it?